What Are The Many Uses Of The Himalayan Pink Salt

You may have heard of the Himalayan mountains but may have never heard of the Himalayan pink salt Australia. This is one of the most important produce of these mountains and it is used in number of things because of the many benefits that it provides. People who have switched from their regular salt to using the Himalayan pink salt have experienced significance difference in their lives. Some of the uses of this salt along with the health benefits are listed below. 

Cook and Cure:

This salt could be used in the cooking just as any other regular salt, it has similar taste as the table salt but this is pink in the colour. If people use this in their regular cooking then this salt helps in the problems of the thyroids and the women who have PCOS or are suffering from the hormonal imbalance could really get benefits from this salt since it helps in regulating the balance. People who have problem of the slow metabolism could also be benefited from the use of this salt. This kind of salt prevents the excess stomach acid and therefore, prevents people from the problems of the acidity and the heart burn. Go here for more information about raw for beauty.


The Himalayan pink salt has 84 different minerals and therefore, it is not limited to only one use but this could also be used for the cleaning purposes where something needs to be scrubbed since it acts as an anti-microbial therefore, people use it for cleaning purpose. People actually use the Himalayan pink salt for the decoration as well because this comes in the crystalline form and this is very beautifully naturally pink coloured. People store it in the jars and use these as the decorations in their house. 


If you are tired and you have been suffering from muscle cramps, then the Himalayan pink salt works as the perfect detox agent and all you have to do is to put this in the bath tub and sit in it for a while. The minerals in the Himalayan pink salt helps the body to soothe and the skin feels energetic again. This bath cleanses not only the body but also the mind and you feel relaxed and refreshed. Although people use different amounts of the Himalayan pink salt in the bath but it is good that you dissolve 1 or 2 pounds of the Himalayan pink salt in the warm bath and make a brine for good and more effective results. 

Air purifier:

The lamps are made from the Himalayan pink salt and this helps in the purification of the air because the heat emits the negative ions which neutralize the positive ions present in the dust particles in the air.